In addition to promoting the growth and development of the home furnishings industry through Showtime, the ITMA underscores its commitment to industry development with the ITMA Educational Foundation.

Current Activities include:

Cover Competition
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Industry Symposium “Fabric: From Concept to Consumer”
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Virginia Jackson Design Competition
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Tina LaRussa
College for Creative Studies
Craft Department
Fiber Major


Winner’s inspiration:

Being Italian, family has always played an important part of my life. Eating and cooking together is an everyday pastime. I find preparing fresh food inspiring, not to mention delicious. Mushroom’s play an important role within Italian culture. Italian’s are known for going mushroom hunting every fall in the forest or mountains of Italy, collecting them into small woven baskets. They pride themselves in finding delicious mushrooms to prepare at home.

I wanted to concentrate my design on the physical characteristics of these intricate fungi. The line work is a stylized interpretation from the gills found underneath the cap of the mushroom. My color choices are to represent the aging process of the mushroom. Each mushroom holds its individual characteristics. No two mushrooms are alike. Being unique in their own way my design resembles that with color, size, line work and detail variation.

Past Winners