In addition to promoting the growth and development of the home furnishings industry through Showtime, the ITMA underscores its commitment to industry development with the ITMA Educational Foundation.

Current Activities include:

Cover Competition
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Industry Symposium “Fabric: From Concept to Consumer”
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Internship Opportunities
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Virginia Jackson Design Competition
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Winner: June 2016
Michelle Dunbar
Rhode Island School of Design

Inspired by a handmade paper yarn Japanese Shifu Kimono, I noticed writing from the original paper was visible on the surface of the cloth. Thinking about this idea of hidden stories woven into fabric, I created a series that explored the transition of time and story telling through hand-dyed color gradations and complex, layered surfaces. In this sample I cut long orange yarn floats and used these tails to stuff the triangular pockets. Although parts of the story have been hidden within the fabric, evidence of their existence is visible through the orange edges on the triangles.

Michelle Dunbar headshot
Michelle Dunbar repeat