International Textile Market Association (ITMA) is a non-profit business association, founded in 1990 to promote its members, their professionalisms and to foster a fair working environment.  This objective is pursued primarily through Showtime.

All members pay an annual membership fee, which provides the financial support needed to produce Showtime. Only ITMA Members are allowed to exhibit at Showtime.

In addition to Showtime, the ITMA underscores its commitment to industry development through ITMA Educational Foundation and its many endeavors.  Click here from more information on ITMA Educational Foundation.

The Association’s effort to promote its members, and provide them with support is an ongoing process, not only during Showtime, but also throughout the year.

Click here to view a Membership Application.

Click here to view the ITMA Compendium.

Showtime is a registered trademark of the International Textile Market Association.  Click here for more information about Showtime.